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photograph of the artist, Mikayla, and her cat, Snickers

Mik Wobrak (she / her) is a librarian by day and eclectic artist by a time slightly later in the day—and on weekends. She is rarely seen without her two cats, Lorelei and Snickers, who inspire her everyday with their ability to find exactly the wrong thing to chew on. She loves thrift store hunting, rearranging furniture (in full-scale and in miniature), and creeping herself out right before bedtime.

Mik doesn't really have a primary medium for art-making, but some favorites include creative reuse, fiber arts, digital drawing, watercolor painting, mixed-media collage, and dollhouse miniatures.

tools of the trade:

hardware: Apple iPad Pro 12.9 + Apple Pencil // software: procreate, floss cross

pet portrait commissions

Currently accepting commissions for custom, illustrative pet portraits!

After a lot of practice, I have developed an illustrative style that is highly detailed and composed of many tiny dots and dashes which follow the contours of the figure. Typically, I draw these pet portraits to be a standard 8x10 inches. As of right now, I do not have reliable printing and shipping capabilities, so these commissions will be for digital ONLY portraits. You will receive a high-quality .PNG image file as well as a printer-friendly .PDF version. I am also happy to help you find a print shop where you could get the portrait printed.

In my portraits, I always hope to capture the quirks and purrsonalities of people's beloved pets and provide them with a timeless keepsake of their furry friend. if you would like a custom portrait of your very own pet, please get in touch!


Due to the custom nature of my artwork, I am currently pricing my portraits between $50-$100 (for one pet). For additional pets in the same image, I will add $20-$25. Venmo and PayPal are accepted, and I am also very interested in trading goods & services or skill-sharing! Please feel free to get in touch with me and I am happy to work with you.

I've set these prices to account for my time, labor, and skill. After I've seen a picture of your pet and we've discussed what you want in a portrait, I'll quote you a price within this range based on the complexity of the portrait and time I expect it to take to complete it. I'm willing to work with folks on a budget so feel free to reach out!

If you would like to commission me for a portrait, please email me at mwobrak@gmail.com!


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